11-12-13-14 November, 2022

Indore, Madhya Pradesh, INDIA

03-04-05-06 February, 2023

Raipur, Chhattisgarh, INDIA

Livestock Exhibition

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Why Livestock Exhibition May Get Organised Along With FarmTech Asia?

About Dairy Farming, Poultry Farming and Livestock Farming in Madhya Pradesh:

India ranks first among the world’s milk producing Nations since 1998 and has the largest bovine population in the World. Dairying has become an important secondary source of income for millions of rural families and has assumed the most important role in providing employment and income generating opportunities particularly for marginal and women farmers. Most of the milk is produced by animals reared by small, marginal farmers and landless labours.

Madhya Pradesh is home to more than 513 Million of Livestock Population. About more than 95% of the total livestock population is comprised of Cattle, Buffalo, Goat, Sheep and Pig.

Poultry Industry in India has been growing remarkably. Poultry population has increased by more than 12% during 2007-2012. With Poultry population of more than 729 Millions, there is a huge scope of growth in the Industry.

Below are the Key Positions of Livestock Industry of Madhya Pradesh:

  • State has more than 12 Millions of poultry population during 2012
  • State is contributing more than 1 Billion Eggs Per Annum
  • Highest Cattle Population State in India
  • 5th Highest in Buffalo Population in India
  • 4th Highest Milk Producing State in India during 2015-16

During FarmTech Asia, Livestock Exhibition may also be organised to display latest technologies of Livestock Farming such as Dairy Farming, Sheep Farming, Poultry Farming, Piggery, Horse Keeping, Fish Farming, etc.

Livestock Exhibition may be attended by Livestock Farmers, Progressive Farmers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Dealers, Government Officials, Association Heads, and International Embassies.

Along with Dairy Exhibition, Dairy Conference may also be planned for the progressive farmers. During dairy conference, speakers would try to cover important topics related to dairy farming in india. Dairy Conference may assist Dairy Farmers to achieve higher productions at lower than current costs of farming.

During Livestock Exhibition, Feed Manufacturers may also display their products such as Feed Manufacturing Machines, Feed, Feed Additives, Feed Nutrients, etc. which gives right nutrition to the livestock to develop their immunity and productivity.

Livestock Exhibition is likely to compliment Agriculture Exhibition during the show. Agriculture Exhibition in India along with Livestock Exhibition is one of the most likely combination of exhibition as Agriculture Farmers also rear variety of Livestock either for their direct use or their products’ use to improve their farming efficiency.

Livestock Exhibition is aimed to display latest technology and best practices of Livestock Farming.